Thursday, June 11, 2009

May I Introduce . . .

Holland Rusk is a round, crunchy, crumbly toast native to The Netherlands and produced by Reese. If you can't find Holland Rusk at a store near you, you can purchase it online at
A case of twelve packs sells for around $30.00. Twelve packs will last you quite some time, even if, like me, you eat your rusks twice a day, every day. But have no fear! These toast-treats will stay good a long time.

This blog explores the many delicious uses of the humble Holland Rusk--from savory sushi-inspired California Rusk Rolls to sweet Rusk Tiramisu. Follow along and enjoy creating simple light meals, desserts, and snacks with this versatile food. Each recipe is easy to prepare and uses as few ingredients as possible. Most dishes are ready in under ten minutes!

I generally use Holland Rusk when making fast eats for myself; still, while most of the recipes on this blog give instructions for single-servings, they should be easy to make for groups of two-four as well.

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